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iPhone 6S and Apple Watch

I’m really tempted to buy into AT&T Next or Apple’s pay-over-time program (likely the latter) to keep up my annual tradition of getting a new iPhone, repurposing my existing one for my wife, and selling hers on eBay for several hundred dollars. Neither my wife nor I are eligible for an upgrade just yet, but using Apple’s new purchase option means we’ll be off contract next year and can always choose carriers. I really want 3D Touch on my phone. It’s hard to wait…

It’s not so hard to wait on the Apple Watch. Don’t get me wrong. I really want one (with one or more bands). But I don’t love how it is so reliant on the iPhone, especially when it comes to fitness. I want to be able to run or workout with the watch on and tracking activity, and playing music to a set of wireless headphones. It seems to be to be totally against the fitness use case to need to carry your phone and headphones as well as the watch.